Alli's Originals personalized sterling silver jewellery. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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NOTICE about blackened characters: Please note that the lettering and symbols shown in the pictures on the website are blackened. The blackening is not permanent and was only done for the purpose of the photography. I do not blacken the characters for the pieces sold. Over time the pieces begin to blacken on there own and the contrast increases through wear. If you would like your lettering blackened, please mention that upon check-out or send me an email. Please note that the blackening is NOT permanent and I do not blacken the symbols (only letters and numbers).

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Canada Post and USPS has changed their shipping rates and options as of Feb. 2013. There are 2 options for shipping to the USA: Express Post ($32) or Track Packet ($16). Express shipping arrives within 3-5 business days (no guarantee) and Track Packet arrives in 1-2 weeks (no guarantee). Both forms of shipping includes tracking and up to $100 insurance..

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Caring for your Jewellery

All of the silver used to make Alli's Originals designs is .925 sterling silver. It is normal for silver to tarnish. The oxygen in our air does that. As well, lotions, perfume and sweat can all affect silver. We suggest you try using a polishing cloth to clean your silver. For a deep cleaning put some baking soda into your hand and add a few drops of water to make a paste. Rub the paste into the silver, using a toothbrush to get the paste deep into the chain.

As well, we suggest taking your silver to your local jewellery store on occasion, where they will put it into an ionizer for a few minutes to make it sparkly again. The charge for that is minimal if anything.

You may see marks on the backs of some of your stamped tags. This is normal for stamped jewellery. The stamping is done by hammering letters or numbers into the silver. This results in a deep impression that sometimes shadows through onto the backs of the charms. This is why the charms are not stamped on both sides as they are meant to be worn only showing the stamping. There is nothing that can be done about that. Some of the tags I work with come from different casting houses and can be softer than other tags. This is why some tags have more of a mark on the back than others.

Each order is carefully cleaned, polished and checked for marks or scratches before it is packaged and shipped.

Returns will not be accepted for tarnished, scratched or marked jewellery.

Return Policy

This jewellery is Hand Stamped by Alli personally. This process does not include the use of a machine for lining up letters and spacing. As you can see from the products shown, the letters are not stamped straight or evenly spaced . We feel this is part of the look, feel and charm of this design. It is meant to look "Hand Made". Enjoy Your Jewels!!!

Due to the personalized and made-to-order nature of our products, we regret that returns or exchanges are not possible except where there is a defect with the merchandise. Please be sure to make sure that all the customizing information you give is correct when you place your order. Please be sure to carefully check the size of the charms your are purchasing as they are stated with each product. If they are not, feel free to ask.

PLEASE BE SURE TO READ OUR CARING FOR YOUR JEWELLERY SECTION as each order is carefully cleaned, polished and checked for marks or scratches before it is packaged and shipped. Returns will not be accepted for tarnished, scratched or marked jewellery.

We are constantly striving to provide the highest quality in both products and service. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Thanks so much!

Alli's Originals personalized sterling silver jewellery. Toronto, Ontario, Canada