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Alli's Originals was featured on Good Day Sacramento!
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A Special Thank You to Christine at From Dates to Diapers and Beyond! for showcasing us!

Alli's Originals has been featured in Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine, as well as Metro Parent Magazine!
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May 2009
Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine
Fall 2007
Metro Parent
July 2007
Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine
September 2007
Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine

"I stumbled upon Alli's Originals! Alli is a stay-at-home mompreneur who has been designing and creating jewellery for years. She lives in Toronto and has a website so full of gorgeous creations and ideas, it made me feel like a kid in a candy store the first time I found it."
Forum post from (pdf)

London Moms
"I would like to introduce you to another fabulous Mom-prenuer and participant in Christmas @ The Gift Closet, Alli's Originals! At Alli's Originals you will find a wonderful selection of personalized sterling silver jewelry. This Mom-prenuer's creations have even been featured in "Pregnancy & Newborn" magazine! She makes necklaces, key chains, bookmarks, rings, toe rings, anklets, and more!" The Gift Closet
"Alli's Originals just doesn't stop with their "Princess" Charming Collection, they also have a "Prince" Charming collection just for him. This line features a whole line of tags, bars and more for creating a personalized chain or bracelet. If you're a momma to a sweet pup, you can spoil him or her with a new pet tag customized with your dogs name and phone number. The ideas are endless ..."
- Gabreial Wyatt, Vintage Indie
As seen in Wickedly Chic
"If you're looking for a mother's day idea, a gift for a new mommy, or any special person in your life, I highly recommend you check out Allis work. If you need to hint around for your hubby for an idea for you- leave Allis website open on your computer for him to see. I love the necklace she made for me and I'm sure you will love anything you order from her."
- Melanie,
Our Happy Happenings
" ... Once pregnant women started showing off bellies and wearing tight-fitting clothes, it opened the doors to brag about everything after that had to do with babies..."
- Rebecca Eckler, The Globe and Mail

Globe thumb
"Do have that person who you never know what to get them for special occasions? Well, I do!
I never know what to get my mother-in-law for her birthday, Christmas, or Mother's Day -- but when I found Alli's Originals, I knew I had found the perfect solution!..." article (PDF)
"Alli's Originals, is owned by a mother and jewellery designer. She specializes in made to order hand stamped, personalized sterling silver jewellery that outwardly celebrate the special relationships in your life..." article (PDF)
Kids Around Canada
"Alli's Originals gives moms a way to show off their "momminess" on beautiful sterling silver pieces that are customized with your childs name, initials or a symbol..." article (PDF)
Mom Finds
"About 12 years ago I made my Mother-in-law a picture frame for Mother's Day. I took dried flowers and glued them to the frame. A friend saw what I made and asked if she could pay me to make one for her Mother. This was the beginning of Alli's Originals..." article (PDF) Kids Channel
"We're excited to team with Alli's Originals for an exclusive giveaway! Alli's creates gorgeous, handmade jewelry that makes the perfect gift for any mom..." article (PDF)
Celebrity Moms
"I love wearing personalized jewelry that features my son, especially when it is stylish and contemporary. And that's exactly the kind of jewelry that you can find at Alli's Originals..." article (PDF)
Mommies With Style
"I am often looking for a gift for my girlfriends that is unique, special, and sentimental. I hate giving a gift that I know they will outgrow or throw away in the near future, because I want them to remember our friendship whenever they see it..." article (PDF)
Diva Village
"Alli makes lovely personalized sterling silver jewellery. Her designs are fun and stylish. Let's get to more a little more about this fun gal and her site, Alli's Originals..."
Mixed Plate Review (PDF)
Mixed Plate
"I found the perfect little item for Miss C. at Alli's Originals. I think these silver necklaces are perfect for anyone..."
The Daily Stroll Review (PDF)
The Daily Stroll
"I thought this would be the perfect time to feature the personalized hand crafted jewelry designs of Alli Grosberg of Alli's Originals. Delicate, elegant and totally feminine..."
Blooming Lily Review (PDF)
Blooming Lily
"Okay, so every woman loves jewelry, and it goes without saying that every mama loves her baby, so I guess it only makes sense that the two should go together, right? Well, of course...."
Urban Baby Review (PDF)
Urban Baby Logo
"Some of my favourite new jewelry comes from Alli's Originals. Located in the beautiful city of Toronto, Alli Grosberg specializes in personalized sterling silver jewelry."
Wickedly Chic Review (PDF)
Wickedly Chic
"... What I love about Alli's Originals is that she has a nice blend of the funky, with the feminine. Her jewelry is really quite extraordinary..."
- Daria, Boutique Cafe Review (PDF)
Featured on Boutique Cafe
"... This necklace is dainty, discrete and understated. Plus, it's reasonably priced, works perfectly with any outfit and makes a sentimental, keepsake piece that will make anyone who receives it feel very special."
She Finds Mom Review (PDF)
As Seen on SheFindsMom
"Simple. Unique. Heartfelt. Designer Alli Grosberg designs each piece of jewelry and hand stamps each sterling silver piece, creating personalized one of a kind jewelry."
Boutique Mom Review (PDF)
Boutique Mom Logo
"Get your sparkle on with these holiday style essentials. Give your keys some company with Charm key rings."
Chatelaine Review (PDF)
"I certainly cherish my Alli's Originals necklace, which was made especially for me, with my son Aiden's name hand stamped into one of the charms. The accompanying charms say "love" and "joy", making this a necklace that really encapsulates my journey as a mother."
Peekaboopicks Review (PDF)
Peekaboo Logo
"Alli makes a gorgeous beaded key ring, and the large size is perfect in every way. It's oh-so-easy to find your keys no matter where they are and the ring is even large enough to fit around your wrist, which is handy when your hands are full but you need your keys out to unlock the door."
- Review (PDF)
Pregnancy And New Born Logo
"I am so happy to have found Alli's Originals! Alli is a "mompreneur" that has created her own line of beautiful and unique jewelry and gifts that is sure to make any occasion a special one. Alli handcrafts every item..."
- Mums the Wurd
"I received a necklace from Alli's Originals that has my daughter Nevaeh's name and my son Korbyn's name on it. What can I say except I love it. Her workmanship has touched my heart...."
Parents With Style
"I used to wear all sorts of jewelery. I even changed it. I didn't wear the same earrings everyday or even the same necklace or bracelets. Now I can barely find time for the essentials and... "
"When I went out, my Alli's Originals necklace did what I expect any stylish necklace to do - it got looks. And it got second looks."
Wundermums Approved
"I have featured Alli's Originals many times here at Mommy Mandy. What can I say. Alli's hand stamped jewelry is beautiful! "
Featured on

" When I was first introduced to Alli's Originals, personalized sterling silver jewelry, I was in awe, BUT when I received a piece of Alli's Originals, I was in LOVE. Seriously. Who won't fall in love with something this gorgeous around their neck? The packaging is. . . "
Mommy Goggles

" Alli's Originals is the home of a remarkable website with a huge selection of jewelry items created by stay at home mom Alli. This site, however, does not include a collection of baubles and awkwardly made jewelry items by someone just trying their hand at a craft and trying to sell them. Alli is a true professional and a master at her craft, having not only designed her fabulous line of jewelry but she's also taught courses in jewelry making herself. "
Feisty Frugal And Fabulous

Alli Grosberg is being introduced on Mom Vs. The Boys blog

Alli's Originals was featured on A Mom's Balancing Act
Moms Balancing Act

Alli's Originals is featured on Gaffney Gabs Valentine Fun - Alli's Originals Review and Giveaway
Gaffneys Gabs

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Wholesale Inquiries

Are you looking to retail and distribute Alli's Designs? Please inquire about wholesale prices.

Alli's designs are only available wholesale to retailers who are selling some or all of The Princess Charming Collection. This collection is not offered wholesale to other jewelry designers who want to incorporate the personalized charms into their designs.

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Alli's Originals personalized sterling silver jewellery. Toronto, Ontario, Canada